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Your Business Logistics Teammate

Partnering with creative solopreneurs,
freelancers and business owners
on the 'boring' bits

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Building an efficient structure at the heart of your business

Optimising your profit margin so you earn what you ought to

Freeing you up to spend more time on the creative work you love

As a creative entrepreneur or freelancer, your creativity is your business' greatest asset.

But with everything else that running a business throws your way - be it tax returns, SEO or endless admin - your signature strength can quickly get sidelined.

And when you're on your own, it's easy to lose clarity and confidence on what your creativity can truly achieve - leaving you drowning and directionless.

Imagine having a counterpart, with a totally different skillset, who

  • Freed up your time for the creative work in the business that you love

  • Provided the structure for you to apply your creativity to working on the business

  • Offered fresh perspective on how to achieve success - whether that's profit optimisation, quality of service to your clients, and/or work-life fulfilment

How exactly can I help?

I am inspired by creative people, and love doing the 'boring business-y' stuff that enables them to flourish and reach their full potential.


I will be your teammate - part-time in hours but all-in on commitment - empowering you to own every aspect of your business while staying focused on what you do best.

Through a mix of collaborative sessions and solo work based on what we’ve discussed, I will

  1. Build efficient systems and processes at the heart of your business, so the boring bits are made significantly quicker and easier

  2. Create digital tools for you to better understand your finances and maximise your profit margins - through pricing, cost optimisation and planning

  3. Organise the expertise and knowledge that currently exists in your head, and help you implement it through a long-term plan for success


Hi - I'm Prash 👋

Born and raised in London, I ditched the Big Smoke for rural village life during Covid - moving to a thatched cottage in Oxfordshire with my wife Sophie (go hard or go home!)

After 10 years in the corporate world, working in places like UBS Investment Bank and Uber, I've spent the last 2 years applying the skills learned to Sophie's wedding veil business. It turns out we're a great team, and now I'm excited to start teaming up with other inspiring entrepreneurs part-time!

Outside of work, I love: music (rapping along, creating playlists, playing the drums), language (creative writing, and trying to learn Spanish) and podcasts (ask me about my one!)


Happy country couple

How We'll Work Together

I am not a 'consultant' that'll give you advice and a mountain of new work to find time for.

As a hands-on member of your team, my goal is to get down in the trenches with you, and build tools and solutions you'll actually use - freeing you up to spend more hours on the work that makes the money.

To get started, we'll meet for a free 30 min coffee or a virtual chat to get to know each other.
It's so important for us to get on as we'll be working closely together, so this is an informal session to really understand you as a person and your aspirations! 


Intro Session

We'll talk through what, why and how you do what you do, giving us both a structured profile of your business - its unique strengths and opportunity areas - and your role in it.

  • Half-Day: £TBD

Teammate Packages​ (1-2 days per week in your business) 

In a typical day, we'll come together for 2-3 hours to discuss your top-of-mind challenges - from the important admin bits weighing you down to not knowing which step to prioritise to grow your business. I'll be your extra pair of eyes to identify which parts you're already doing well, versus those with greatest opportunity for improvement.


I will then spend the rest of the day solving problems and building solutions!

This approach ensures the highest level of energy and focus from us both when we're together, and gives you time to crack on with business-as-usual when we split up.

  • 5 Days across 1 month£TBD

  • 10 Days across 2 months: £TBD

  • 15 Days across 3 months: £TBD

Project Packages (1-2 weeks in your business)

Sometimes you need a focused period of collaboration to untangle the mess, rebuild with a more efficient structure, and move forward with fresh perspective. With our Rebuild Packages, we'll tackle your biggest challenges as projects, with a higher level of focus but a similar mix of collaborative sessions versus solo work.

  • 5 Days across 1 week: £TBD

  • 10 Days across 2 weeks: £TBD


Check-In Days

After our initial collaboration, Check-In Days allow us time to review how the solutions I've built are actually being integrated into your day-to-day, and for me to work on tweaks, upgrades, improvements and alternative applications.

  • Day: £TBD


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