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Sophie Raval - Wedding Veils Designer

'Prash has given me a fresh perspective, organised my systems (which were mainly in my head!) and gave me the confidence to take the business to the next level. His experience in both the financial and tech sectors have been invaluable - a really different perspective and approach than I would normally have taken.'

Created customer 'Standard Operating Procedures' to reduce admin and improve bride experience

Built out end-to-end customer journeys (enquiry to post-purchase) for 3 main product lines.

Identified areas for automation, de-duplication and process improvement to increase efficiency and quality of service - e.g. offering a 30 min 'Design Consultation' to save hours of time finalising design via emails.

Created shared customer tracker so each member of the team can monitor progress for each bride.


Implemented new SEO strategy to save over £3,600/year on Google Ads and increase profit margin

Built list of priority target keywords based on most commonly used phrases in customer reviews.

Secured Top 10 ranking for each keyword, within five months of launching new website.

Built financial model of business to reduce time spent on tax returns and identify opportunities to increase profit margin

Created monthly financial tracking system to provide ongoing visibility on how the business is doing - and make the annual tax return a 'one-click' job.

Identified payments fees as a significant unnecessary area of margin loss, deciding to a) remove the PayPal option from the online store and b) switch to bank transfer for direct invoicing to save over £1,500/year.

Also created a pricing spreadsheet to reduce time spent on working out prices and ensure margins are high enough for every product channel (direct, via stockist, etc.)


Ran structured sessions to turn Sophie's unique market expertise into actionable plans for business growth

Utilised a range of discussion frameworks that I've collected from 10 years in corporates, as well as team performance technology I helped build (Gyre Teams). 

Developed a mission statement for both Sophie and the business, along with 2024 goals and a GANTT chart showing week-by-week tasks required to achieve them. Completed a full rebrand within 3 months.

Jenna B - Graphic Designer

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