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We have three options for your journey to make sure you get the perfect veil.


All our bridal veils are designed in-house and made-to-order in the UK, before being sent with love to wherever you are in the world via insured delivery.


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Starting from £1,000

One-of-a-kind veils designed by Sophie from scratch to perfectly complement your dress.


Starting from £350

Collection designs personalised for a unique bridal look.

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Nina - Dramatic Floral Veil - Sophie Raval 6.jpg


Starting from £250

Our extended Collection of bridal veils, created to accompany designer dresses.

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  • How do I begin working with you on my veil?
    If you’re going for a Collection design, you can order your veil directly from our online store. For all Semi-Bespoke and Bespoke designs, submit an enquiry via our Contact page to get started!
  • How is it possible to design my perfect veil remotely?
    The two technical elements to making your veil perfect are length and colour. Length - Unlike a wedding dress, there are only two key measurements we need to ensure the perfect proportion of your veil. The first is your height, and the second is the length of your train, which we get directly from your shop. Colour - We also confirm the colour with your shop directly, whilst also providing samples which can be checked against your dress. When it comes to the design, Sophie designs precise digital mock ups so you can see the overall look of your veil and make sure it matches your vision. When your veil is being made, all the elements will be pinned for your approval before being stitched, which offers you the ability to make tweaks. This could be as simple as circling a flower and saying you’d like it 2cm to the left.
  • What is the difference between a Bespoke and Semi-Bespoke veil?
    With a Semi-Bespoke veil, you are limited to the materials in the Collection. As an example, you can choose from the 5 tulles & 9 laces. You’ll work with a member of our team to decide one or more personalisations to a Collection design, with advice on what will best complement your dress. However, a Bespoke veil offers limitless possibilities on all elements of your veil. As an example, if you’re opting for a lace veil, we narrow down a range of around 2,000 options to offer you the 10 which perfectly complements your dress. Bespoke gives you the widest scope to make sure every element of your veil matches your vision. You’ll work personally with Sophie on creating a unique veil design, including a precise digital mock-up that will be included in your quote.
  • Can I add embroidery to a bridal veil purchased elsewhere?
    Yes, by hand embroidery only! All embroidery we do onto existing veils is done by hand as opposed to machine. This is because with machine embroidery, there is always a slight risk of the machine damaging the base veil. In over 7 years of doing commissions of hand embroidery, we've never damaged a base veil, but of course in the extremely unlikely event your veil is damaged whilst hand embroidering, we would recreate the original veil free of charge.
  • What is the lead time on a veil?
    The lead times on Collection veils range from 2 to 8 weeks (please check the specific lead time in each listing). Our standard lead time on Semi-Bespoke veils is 4 to 10 weeks, and on Bespoke veils is 12 weeks. We recommend having your veil in time for your final fitting so you can try it on with your dress - and we do our best to accommodate this. From time to time, we are able to reduce lead times if we have capacity in allocated making time and if we have the materials readily available.
  • Do you offer a rush service if I need my veil sooner?
    Yes! Our standard rush fees are 10% per 1 week of lead time reduction. As an example if the stated lead time is 6 weeks and you would like it in 4 weeks, this would incur a 20% rush fee. Please note, in some cases we may not be able to accommodate rush orders due to lead times on materials.
  • How will my veil be sent and how soon will I receive it?
    All our veils are packaged with care and delivered in their own luxury presentation box. Veils delivered within the UK will be sent via insured Special Delivery with Royal Mail. This is a next-day service post dispatch excluding Sundays. Veils delivered outside the UK will be sent via insured courier (such as FedEx). This is typically a 5-7 working day service post dispatch. In both cases, you will receive an email with your tracking number so that you can track your delivery.
  • Do I pay a deposit or pay in full?
    Collection orders are paid for in full via our online store. For Semi-Bespoke orders, a minimum of 50% of the quoted amount is due upfront. The remaining balance is settled when your veil is ready to be dispatched. For Bespoke orders, you will pay an initial deductible deposit of £35-75 which includes tulle samples, personalised veil research, design, mock-up and a tailored quote. If you proceed to purchase the veil, a minimum of 50% of the quoted amount is due upfront, minus the deposit. The remaining balance is settled when your veil is ready to be dispatched.
  • Do you have a studio so I can try before I buy?
    Yes! If you’d like to try on veils in person, you can do so either for the Collection & Semi-Bespoke Veils or to discuss a Bespoke design. ​In-person appointments are held at our studio in Sophie's thatched cottage, based in Bloxham, Oxfordshire.
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